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Crocheting Free Style 


So, I really wanted to learn how to make gloves and when I first saw the dragon scale gloves I fell in love . 
Ignore the lovely screenshot but here is one of the first images I saw when I was looking up gloves. 

I need to link the creators of these but I lost the link. Won’t take long to find it I’m sure! Stay tuned for that. The link! http://www.fabartdiy.com/diy-crocodile-stitch-crochet-dragon-glove-free-pattern/

This link gives you a free pattern and links to the patterns for purchase. 

Because I’m on a budget and want yarn money I didn’t but this pattern and attempted to create these gloves anyways. 
Here’s my first try:

Yeah, it’s good. But it has some problems. That I think I’m working out. 

Second attempt: 

Getting there!!! Very excited I figured it out! Hello quick Christmas presents. Still a few things to work out but hey they are starting to look good. Not as good at the patterns for sale but I like it.