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Inktober Day 9: Screech 


Don’t feel well. Posting this now. 




Who says owls are cute? CUTE?! Look at this bastard. Nothing cute about him at all. Owls are evil. Or at least associated with evil. Stolas, a giant man owl, is said to be a king in Hell and teaches men about plants and astronomy. Okay, I know that doesn’t sound necessarily evil by today standards. Wisdom is a thing of evil, isn’t it? According to the Christian religion it is. Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from the tree of knowledge. Maybe it’s better to keep your followers ignorant. I never understand most of the Old Testament, and just so no one of offended I’m not bashing Christianity. I’m simply stating that I don’t understand it or at least most of it. Back to owls. Those little fuckers are everywhere now. Clothing, jewelry, and television. This Muppet is horrible. I need to research this show. I bet it’s for kids. At any rate, I wouldn’t want some giant owl thing towering over me screeching “Look at this plant human! It’s good for heart burn!”¬† I wouldn’t be able to listen due to the pounding of my heart blocking out all noise. A heart attack would be had and that thing would drag me back to Hell with it. So whenever I see an owl, I say “No thank you. I’d rather have a kitten necklace anyways.”