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I am insane because I am afraid.




This is probably one of the best videos I’ve ever discovered on the internet. I’m questioning myself after watching this video. We left our minds rule our sense of fear and our lives. If we were not rooted in our imaginations and stuck in this loop of “What’s going to happen tomorrow?” or the simply put the fear of tomorrow than we’d be happier? All I’ve known is to fear the future. Worry about how to pay my bills, my career, and everything. Everything in my life is happening in the future in my mind, I guess I really don’t have a sense of now.

Although I have to argue against his stance of there being no fear in reality. Isn’t reality extremely frighting? I think so. We have wars going on, threats of bombing, people starving, economic woes, and ect. Everyone has something happening in the now that is frighting to them. So, I can’t say I agree that fear is imaginary. At least not 100%.

What I find so interesting is the fact that we, I, fear a lot of nonexistent things. I’m not sure what the root of that is. Seems like throughout history, throughout the ages, people have always fear the future or their own future, thus people are in a way all slightly insane? If we follow the definition of insanity then yes. The fear of something that does not exist. If nothing else, just watch the video. I’m going to go ponder life for a while.