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Denim paper


Learning to make paper out of denim was a fantasy if nothing else. Man its rough if you dont have the right tools. I need to find a way to get the fibers super fine without buying machines to do it for me. So the first round is clumpy to say the least. But I like them and can’t wait for them to dry.


Papermaking so far


This has been fun. Honestly, relaxing is the best word. Today I will make some paprr out of denim and see how that goes but the paper out of recycled paper has been awesome.

Fleshing out flesh tones. 


So this is going to be an ongoing thing. Flesh is hard to paint, especially in watercolor. It takes patience and that’s something I have to work with. I’m also needing to collect a couple different colors to explore. Raw sienna and raw umber just to name a few. Definitely need to work on water amounts to get the tones and differences I’m aiming for. There’s a lot to learn. 

Crocheting Free Style 


So, I really wanted to learn how to make gloves and when I first saw the dragon scale gloves I fell in love . 
Ignore the lovely screenshot but here is one of the first images I saw when I was looking up gloves. 

I need to link the creators of these but I lost the link. Won’t take long to find it I’m sure! Stay tuned for that. The link! http://www.fabartdiy.com/diy-crocodile-stitch-crochet-dragon-glove-free-pattern/

This link gives you a free pattern and links to the patterns for purchase. 

Because I’m on a budget and want yarn money I didn’t but this pattern and attempted to create these gloves anyways. 
Here’s my first try:

Yeah, it’s good. But it has some problems. That I think I’m working out. 

Second attempt: 

Getting there!!! Very excited I figured it out! Hello quick Christmas presents. Still a few things to work out but hey they are starting to look good. Not as good at the patterns for sale but I like it. 

Mixing colors



This article is one of my favorites in regards to mixing color in Photoshop. It’s most certainly my kryptonite and that will not work out with my artistic goals. Now that I’m finally comfortable drawing with my tablet it’s time to set down and really hammer out the painting side of things. If anyone actually reads this..are there any other sites or videos you recommend? I’m interested in any reference material that you’ve found helpful.

In the mean time, I have some painting to work on.