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Boston in Red Sox



Not finished. Not according to me. I would like a critique if anyone has the time. I need a little advice on what to change. A few things seem off to me but any eyes looking at it that have a decent suggestion would be great. =)


Fanfic fan-fucking-awful.


It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I felt the need to share this awesome…amazing, shit it’s really bad fanfic quotes. I know I couldn’t bare to read the whole stories but the quotes are just awesome. Seldom have I read fanfiction and what I did remember reading wasn’t too bad, but from what I gather it’s a thing to go out of your way to write really bad fanfictions with random sexual content for no reason or people are just that crazy and horny. I don’t know, but if laughter is truly the best medicine, by all means read these quotes.