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One of my favorite videos on youtube. For all I care spiders everywhere can curl up and die but I thoroughly enjoy this music and animation. ((Note: I know the important role spiders and arachnids play in the complex structure nature set up, but I freaking hate them. ))


Epic Rap Battles of History


I love youtube. There’s certainly something for everyone. Puppies playing, children singing, music, big foot videos, and my favorite U.F.O videos. Lately, I’ve been more into following certain channels or in particular is the Epic Rap Battles channel. Honestly, rap music isn’t my cup of tea but these are hilarious for all the right reasons. You don’t want to see Abe Lincoln and Chuck Norris spit mad lyrics at one another? Well….you’re FUCKING CRAZY! Maybe these videos are not the most brilliant viral videos out there but damn they are pretty freaking awesome. How the hell do you people come up with these ideas.


A couple of my favorites are:

Mr. T vs Mr. Rogers:

Such an odd combination but it works out perfectly. I’ve always thought Mr. Rogers was a tad bit creepy and his rapping style is just as creepy. Very soft spoken and calm. “Hello there neighbor..” Almost makes me gag it’s so frighting. Mr. T of course is fairly hilarious but the jokes were obvious.

Dr. Seuss vs Shakespeare:

Have you ever thought that Dr. Seuss might be a weird, or awkward? Well he tends to be a bit odd in this video, not even talking he just draws up the Cat in the Hat and makes him do all the work. Shakespeare is really good in this though. However his second rap is a little hard to follow. I can’t talk that fast. I can’t name anyone I know that can talk that fast Love it. Just freaking love it

These guys have several videos worth checking out. Nothing life changing, just pure fun.