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Rat King


So this is called a rat king. It’s a rare phenomenon where rats become intertwined by their tails. Largest known rat king is 22 rats tangled together. Kind of awesome, kind of sad, and very gross. Don’t be alarmed though, it’s a hoax. Thank goodness for that.


World War Z Dear God..



         Might contain spoilers.

    Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and now World War Z how else is Hollywood going to scare me for life. I’ll give World War Z a positive response for several reasons. Being a woman, the first reason is Brad Pitt. Yeah, get over it. I admire his acting…and abs. But in all seriousness World War Z was a great movie. I, unfortunately, haven’t the book it’s based off of and I’m very sorry for that. I can’t compare it to it’s source but after watching the film it has to be a great read even if they didn’t follow the book word for word.

I watched my boyfriend recently play the Last of Us, which was wonderful story wise and character development. The ending was quite a surprise and I’m not going to ruin it for those you haven’t played. The ending was a little depressing and left  the viewer/player in suspense. You don’t know the outcome of the human race, but I guess you never really did after any zombie related game or movie. However, World War Z offers a solution to living in a zombie infested world. Of course the set up is different. The “zombies” don’t seem like your average flesh eating creatures as we once thought, but instead attack the healthy  just to spread a virus.(?) I put a question mark in case I misunderstood how and why the zombies attack. I will say for creatures who feel a need to spread their virus and not eat brains they were horrifyingly scary. In some scenes they were jumping at least 5 feet in the air. Leaping like superheros, piling on top of each other, and ripping into people. Now the solution to coexists with the infected was to be infected with another disease and the zombies would just simply over look you because they seek a healthy host to infect. Kind of an awesome idea. I hope that would ring true if something like this ever broke out, but I’m not a UN worker so I’ll probably be dead if a zombie out break occurs. I might even be the first infected. I always joked around that I would start the zombie apocalypse, if only. I enjoyed it. I wish it was a television series much like The Walking Dead.

Anyone else have thoughts or comments?



I love threadless shirts. The art is usually really awesome. I’ve been tempted for some time to submit designs and try my luck, but after reading a few blogs about artists(with really awesome ideas and artwork) who have submitted countless times only to be rejected. It makes me wonder what it takes to make on that site. There seems to be a style or type of work the threadless community supports. One blog even stated that you have to a fan base to really make it on there. I’m not convinced by this, not the slightest. An upperclassmen in college submitted a design that was accepted, which was awesome! But that was the first design she ever submitted. Maybe it was just the right timing, the right colors, style, or what have you but she won all the same. A few grand for a clever idea would be great, as an artist any monetary assets you gain from your work is uplifting and awesome. I would think the recognition would hold more value though. To get your name and talent out there. And if you win once and the community really likes your work…is it easier next time you submit with your new found reputation? Just going to have to try and see I suppose. Any thoughts? Anyone out there try and succeed, failed?



Note: I didn’t book mark the blog I was reading. It was on my phone but I can’t find. If I do I will post it for reference for anyone interested.

Google Fiber


Yes, I’m lucky enough to get to switch to Google Fiber and it certainly sounds like a dream come true. Honestly, though its a little overwhelming. Here’s how I see it.

How would you literally like to surf the web and the speed of light? Don’t like waiting on the youtube video to upload or buffer? Not to worry! Google offers speeds of 1000 Mbps for upload and download speeds. Online streaming just got a little easier and less frustrating. They have three plans available. First is a $300 construction fee or $25 a month for one year and then bam, free internet for 7 years.  Second, if you just want internet you pay $70 dollars a month, but if you want tv also you pay $120 a month. And a plus you get the Google Nexus 7 tablet at a remote. Pretty cool. Google is also offering what they have in the latest computer technology, their Google Chromebook. At $299 you can’t find a cheaper laptop and they have stated that it’s been improved since it first hit the market. There’s no bandwidth limit and there’s limitless storage. With the tv and internet option you get a 2TB storage, which is what 500 hours of HD storage. For the internet only package it’s a 1TB storage, but I’m not sure about the $25 a month package and it’s storage option.  (And for DVR fans you can record up to 8 shows at a time.)

There are a few draw backs. After looking over the channel list they’re missing a few channels here and there. Including the ESPN, Disney, and Cartoon Network channels just to mention a few. Right now, Google has this set up to get neighborhoods to preregister for Google Fiber services and which ever neighborhoods show the most enthusiasm will top the list of where Google will start. How they determine who is the most enthusiastic is beyond me. Also, this isn’t happening anytime before 2012 ends. It might not even really take place until mid 2013. If they go neighborhood by neighborhood, which is sounds like they will, then someone people will get it before others. I’m not sure about this either, but if you miss the initial hookup when its available in your neighborhood you have to wait until they finish their list before you request a hook up. Now, that’s a rumor I heard but it sounds awful if it’s true.

Now I wonder how other internet companies are going to react. I have TWC at the moment. I pay less then $70 a month and I don’t watch TV so the $120 package is almost out of the question for me. Also, my computer is ancient and can hardly handle me typing this article up. But I would say that TWC has been pretty good to me. I do like the idea of not having to wait for something to buffer. We seriously live in the age of convenience.  We want something but we can’t wait on it. It’s almost sad, but we are technology driven and rely on our precious devices to keep us entertained and informed. I know I do. Another thought, doesn’t Google have enough information on us? Now what will we be able to hide from them? I can’t say I have a huge problem with it. When family and friends first started complaining about Google ads and Google looking into to everything you search or look at, I wasn’t really bothered. I wanted to go on Facebook and see ads that actually appealed to me. Surely I’m not the only one.


To keep this short I’ll leave you with the Google Fiber website and a link to a news articles summing up the pros and cons.


Fanfic fan-fucking-awful.


It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I felt the need to share this awesome…amazing, shit it’s really bad fanfic quotes. I know I couldn’t bare to read the whole stories but the quotes are just awesome. Seldom have I read fanfiction and what I did remember reading wasn’t too bad, but from what I gather it’s a thing to go out of your way to write really bad fanfictions with random sexual content for no reason or people are just that crazy and horny. I don’t know, but if laughter is truly the best medicine, by all means read these quotes.

Oh Disnesy! “What’s my crime?” “What’s my line?”


Awesome! I’ve never realized what “What’s my crime?” was referring to when Jasper and Horace were watching it. I can’t find a good clip of the show in 101 Dalmations but here’s the show its referencing with non other than Salvador Dali! He’s a card, that’s for sure, “What’s my line?”

This man will say yes to everything. Towards the end I’m not too sure how she guessed he had a mustache or that he was a painter. Very strange, but it’s entertaining.

I am insane because I am afraid.



This is probably one of the best videos I’ve ever discovered on the internet. I’m questioning myself after watching this video. We left our minds rule our sense of fear and our lives. If we were not rooted in our imaginations and stuck in this loop of “What’s going to happen tomorrow?” or the simply put the fear of tomorrow than we’d be happier? All I’ve known is to fear the future. Worry about how to pay my bills, my career, and everything. Everything in my life is happening in the future in my mind, I guess I really don’t have a sense of now.

Although I have to argue against his stance of there being no fear in reality. Isn’t reality extremely frighting? I think so. We have wars going on, threats of bombing, people starving, economic woes, and ect. Everyone has something happening in the now that is frighting to them. So, I can’t say I agree that fear is imaginary. At least not 100%.

What I find so interesting is the fact that we, I, fear a lot of nonexistent things. I’m not sure what the root of that is. Seems like throughout history, throughout the ages, people have always fear the future or their own future, thus people are in a way all slightly insane? If we follow the definition of insanity then yes. The fear of something that does not exist. If nothing else, just watch the video. I’m going to go ponder life for a while.