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Its half done. 


Crocheting Free Style 


So, I really wanted to learn how to make gloves and when I first saw the dragon scale gloves I fell in love . 
Ignore the lovely screenshot but here is one of the first images I saw when I was looking up gloves. 

I need to link the creators of these but I lost the link. Won’t take long to find it I’m sure! Stay tuned for that. The link!

This link gives you a free pattern and links to the patterns for purchase. 

Because I’m on a budget and want yarn money I didn’t but this pattern and attempted to create these gloves anyways. 
Here’s my first try:

Yeah, it’s good. But it has some problems. That I think I’m working out. 

Second attempt: 

Getting there!!! Very excited I figured it out! Hello quick Christmas presents. Still a few things to work out but hey they are starting to look good. Not as good at the patterns for sale but I like it. 

Kate Clark anyone?


I’ve never been a fan of taxidermy but I’m digging her work. There’s something eerie and awesome about her “animals.”
What I find especially interesting about her work is she prefers to use animal hide and reconstructs it into human faces. I love it. I don’t want to call it morbid but she definitely makes you question the differences between man and beast.


Rat King


So this is called a rat king. It’s a rare phenomenon where rats become intertwined by their tails. Largest known rat king is 22 rats tangled together. Kind of awesome, kind of sad, and very gross. Don’t be alarmed though, it’s a hoax. Thank goodness for that.