Stage Four Cancer and a small request. 


LolWell, you know people die of cancer everyday. You hear it on the news, it’s all over every form of media, and then someone in your family is diagnosed with cancer. It doesn’t really hit you right away. Like cancer is just a word you’ve heard countless times and not a life taking disease. But that’s exactly what it is. It hits hard and quick. My uncle was recently diagnosed. It hit me hard. Put a lot of things into perspective for me. I know there are countless of people diagnosed and how suffer greatly from cancer everyday. I know it’s a long shot to ask the internet for help. And I know it’s worth a shot all at the same time. This man who has worked hard and taken care of his is at point to where his back is against the wall with looming medical expenses and stress and fear and desperation hitting him all at once. My family and I want to help him with those expenses and send him on a trip or two that he’s always wanted do. Even if you can’t donate sharing the page helps a lot. It shows people care, and even that is comforting to someone in his situation. Thank you.


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