Junji Ito


Wether you are a fan of manga or not most horror fans love Junji Ito’s work. I think he has an excellent blend of modern life mixed with Japanese folklore and some serious graphic horror. I haven’t read any of his work that I haven’t liked.

Cat Diary is one of my favourites. While not a horror manga to the extent that Uzumaki is, it’s still a great read. It’s one of his lighter work for sure. He depicts in a satirical fashion how cat owners because possessed and over run but their beloved pets.


I would love to have a crazy cat like Yon.

Uzumaki and his other is much darker but a fun ride. I found myself scared to death in a crowded room reading through a volume.




Check it out. You won’t…maybe…regret it.


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  1. Hi there, just discovered the site and really enjoy your work and your playful stuff too. Just thought I’d mention that the one image above with the boy running away from the freakish lady coming in the door is very often posted as, but is NOT, Junji Ito but is actually an Uno Moralez piece called Telescope.

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