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Short comic, I want to find this artist.


If anyone knows who it is please tell me!!


So far..


I’m not sure how disciplined I am, but at least I’ve managed to make progress so far. Although, my goal is pretty large and maybe unrealistic I feel it’s better to set my sights high. Weighing in at 217 after the baby and 211 before I started calorie counting and working out I’ve lost somewhere around 7lbs already. Slowly yet sure, exercise is becoming a habit again and I’m excited to see how far I can push myself. According to my profile on Lose It! I set my goal to lose 61lbs. That seems pretty extreme. As a
matter of fact I think losing 30lbs would be more realistic and safer. I’m not just looking to drop weight though, I want to build muscle, endurance, and strength. So far, I have! I can run a mile in a reasonable time, roughly 15 minutes. That may not be impressive to some but for a physically inactive person who is jump starting a healthy lifestyle, its everything. Wish me luck.