World War Z Dear God..



         Might contain spoilers.

    Night of the Living Dead, 28 Days Later, Zombieland, and now World War Z how else is Hollywood going to scare me for life. I’ll give World War Z a positive response for several reasons. Being a woman, the first reason is Brad Pitt. Yeah, get over it. I admire his acting…and abs. But in all seriousness World War Z was a great movie. I, unfortunately, haven’t the book it’s based off of and I’m very sorry for that. I can’t compare it to it’s source but after watching the film it has to be a great read even if they didn’t follow the book word for word.

I watched my boyfriend recently play the Last of Us, which was wonderful story wise and character development. The ending was quite a surprise and I’m not going to ruin it for those you haven’t played. The ending was a little depressing and left  the viewer/player in suspense. You don’t know the outcome of the human race, but I guess you never really did after any zombie related game or movie. However, World War Z offers a solution to living in a zombie infested world. Of course the set up is different. The “zombies” don’t seem like your average flesh eating creatures as we once thought, but instead attack the healthy  just to spread a virus.(?) I put a question mark in case I misunderstood how and why the zombies attack. I will say for creatures who feel a need to spread their virus and not eat brains they were horrifyingly scary. In some scenes they were jumping at least 5 feet in the air. Leaping like superheros, piling on top of each other, and ripping into people. Now the solution to coexists with the infected was to be infected with another disease and the zombies would just simply over look you because they seek a healthy host to infect. Kind of an awesome idea. I hope that would ring true if something like this ever broke out, but I’m not a UN worker so I’ll probably be dead if a zombie out break occurs. I might even be the first infected. I always joked around that I would start the zombie apocalypse, if only. I enjoyed it. I wish it was a television series much like The Walking Dead.

Anyone else have thoughts or comments?


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