I love threadless shirts. The art is usually really awesome. I’ve been tempted for some time to submit designs and try my luck, but after reading a few blogs about artists(with really awesome ideas and artwork) who have submitted countless times only to be rejected. It makes me wonder what it takes to make on that site. There seems to be a style or type of work the threadless community supports. One blog even stated that you have to a fan base to really make it on there. I’m not convinced by this, not the slightest. An upperclassmen in college submitted a design that was accepted, which was awesome! But that was the first design she ever submitted. Maybe it was just the right timing, the right colors, style, or what have you but she won all the same. A few grand for a clever idea would be great, as an artist any monetary assets you gain from your work is uplifting and awesome. I would think the recognition would hold more value though. To get your name and talent out there. And if you win once and the community really likes your work…is it easier next time you submit with your new found reputation? Just going to have to try and see I suppose. Any thoughts? Anyone out there try and succeed, failed?



Note: I didn’t book mark the blog I was reading. It was on my phone but I can’t find. If I do I will post it for reference for anyone interested.


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